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LED Lighting

The benefits of LED lights:

  • LEDs are good for most general household use.
  • LED bulbs have a lifetime of at least 15,000 hours, around 15 times longer than a standard incandescent light bulb.
  • The longevity of LED lights means they are great to put in hard-to reach places as bulbs don’t have to be changed often.
LED’s use up to 85% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs for the same light output.
  • LED’s don’t get hot – so insulation can be abutted up to light-fittings or cover IC-rated LED downlights.
  • LED bulbs produce immediate light when turned on. CFLs can take up to 2 minutes to warm up to full brightness.
  • LED’s aren’t just a replacement for standard bulbs, they are also very flexible and come in all shapes and sizes – including thin strip lighting.

For energy saving advice visit www.energywise.govt.nz